ReZilient Creative Art Wellness Box



Wellness box
ReZilient Creative Art Wellness Boxes are the perfect gift to encourage

Wellness box ReZilient Wellness Boxes are the perfect gift to encourage someone to take time to relax, release and reboot. Each box is put together with the recipient in mind.  The candles and room spray are handmade with high quality essential oils. When you support Be ReZilient you’re supporting a community. Portions of the proceeds go back into the community to provide much needed mental health services for those who aren’t able to afford them.

Boxes can be customized or you can send a standard box which includes:

  • Lavender infused paints
  • Lavender infused Canvas
  • Rezilient encampment hand poured soy candle
  • Manifest Room Spray
  • Journal
  • Paint brush
  • Stress Relief Tea



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