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Are you a caregiver to a family members? Don’t forget to take time to take care of you. Manifest spray is a perfect addition to your safe place that will help you relax and support your love one. Safe to spray on linens it promotes rest. Order today.

Be ReZilient Manifest Room Spray

Set the mood for relaxation and self discovery with a Manifest Room Spray. Made with a special blend of essential oils to promote healing, calmness and encourages a feeling of protection and security.


Be ReZilient Custom Affirmation Coloring book

Take time to relax with a Mindfulness Affirmation Coloring book. This product can e customized at a additional cost. Please send a email to for customization options.


Be ReZilient Wellness Box

This amazing kit includes a Affirmation coloring book 60 page, journal, Be ReZilient pen, Lavender Dream Room Spray and color pencils. This box can be customized send a email to to order. (actual box is not pictured at this time)


Be ReZilient Thinking of You Box

Perfect for the moments you just want to say you care. During moment of loss or celebration this box says it all. 60 page journal, Be ReZilient Pen, Lavender dream and assorted wellness teas and mug. (actual box is not pictured at this time)


Small Dstraction Kit

Perfect size to carry with you. When you are feeling anxious, stressed and need a distraction to lift your mood and help you refocus this kit is perfect for you. Complete with coloring cards, stress ring, crayons or color pencils and a small room spray. ,


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