Dr. Towahna D. Rhim

Dr. Towahna D. Rhim


Dr. Rhim is Founder and CEO of TD Rhim Consulting, LLC and she is passionate about developing authentic leaders. Evidence-based research substantiates an increasing need for leadership authenticity. She matures leaders with the fortitude to successfully navigate challenges, lead by example, and own the impact of their decisions. She creates a space of psychological safety, influencing potential leaders to fully develop their leadership muscles. Given Towahna’s (Tee’s) passion for servant leadership, she continues to avail herself to be sought out by others across various industries for professional and personal leadership development, coaching and mentorship. She is intentional in positioning herself to develop authentic leaders.

She currently serves as a Director of Operations, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has served in healthcare for greater than 32 years. She is an operational leader, facilitating organizational DEI strategies for continued viability. Within TD Rhim Consulting, Dr. Rhim emphasizes a brand of People First. She uses her corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to develop leaders to their greatest potential.

Dr. Rhim earned her Bachelors in Communication and Leadership through Duquesne University, her MBA in Healthcare through Lebanon Valley College, and her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology through Walden University, with a concentration in Leadership and Coaching. Dr. Rhim also served as a leader in the US Army for greater than five years in the medical field.


BS Communications and Leadership
Duquesne University
San Jose, CA

MBA Healthcare
Lebanon Valley College
San Francisco, CA

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Walden University