Denise L. Williams

Denise L. Williams

CEO/Founder Be Rezilient


Diane holds a Master’s in Design from Columbia University and is passionate about building effective teams, and leveraging design to create high growth products.

She currently manages designers at DOT. She has previously managed design teams at Arrow, cofounded a company that was acquired by Parenthesis, and spent a few years as a freelance designer.

Originally from Canada, she studied in Paris and London, worked in Singapore, and is now based in San Francisco. She loves books, yoga, and wine.

Her education includes an MS in Human Services, MA in Leadership and Accountability, Certified Resilience Coach, and Certified Therapeutic Art Coach. She founded Be ReZilient, Healing Through The Arts, in 2019.


Columbia Univeristy

Human Services
Lincoln University

Leadership & Accountability
Cappella University