Relax, Release and Reboot

In the last two months, I had to take some time to process some life events. While I am not done processing I needed to take the time to just Relax, Release and Reboot. On February 25th my mom was called home to be with the Lord. While I am happy that she is noContinue reading “Relax, Release and Reboot”

Be ReZilient Love Yourself Wellness Box

Say I love you with a Be ReZilient Wellness Box. The gift of Self-care is the ultimate gift. Love Yourself Wellness boxes will include: Unique blend of Lavendar infused paints, Canvas, Paintbrush, Room Spray, Hand-poured lavender-infused ReZilient candle, Chocolate treat, and a single artificial rose (exact box not in the picture) Boxes $45 send aContinue reading “Be ReZilient Love Yourself Wellness Box”

To-Do List

As I was writing my to-do list, I paused as I thought about the items I don’t put on my list that are just as important. I have a list of things to get done to run my home, my business, and take care of my family. Why don’t I have a to-do list toContinue reading “To-Do List”

A Moment of Transparency

As I started the process of creating Be ReZilient, I was brushing the surface of my life. I personally didn’t want people to judge me for my life experiences or doubt the facts because of the misconception that no one could go through so much and still be standing. Today as I attempt to helpContinue reading “A Moment of Transparency”

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