Self Reflection Book Club

The Arts includes more that art and hands made expressions. The arts encompass music, books, arts, dance, and much more. Be ReZilient will provide various resources to meet you wherever you are in your journey. Below is a list of books that we recommend to our followers.

Featured Books

More Than Enough

By: Elaine Welteroth

Brimming the vulnerability, humor and hard-earned wisdom, More Than Enough is fittingly much more than a memoir. It a moving affirmation for anyone who’s ever faced fear-and persevered anyway.


By: Lady Gaga

For Lady Gaga, kindness is the driving force behind everything she says and does.

The quiet power of kindness can change the way we view one another, our communities, and even ourselves. She embodies this mission, and through her work, brings more kindness into our world every single day.

Find the Helpers

By: Fred Guttenberg

#1 Bestseller ─ Overcoming Grief Through the Humanity of Others

Fred Guttenberg loved watching Mr. Rogers with his daughter and his son when they were little. Their favorite piece of wisdom was: In the midst of tragedy and catastrophe, find the helpers.

Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma

By: Carol K Walsh

“When Carol Walsh puller her fiancé from the bottom of a diving well- dead from a massive heart attack her life was turned upside down. Even though she was a psychotherapist working with clients suffering rom trauma, this personal shock felt unbearable.