Relax, Release and Reboot

In the last two months, I had to take some time to process some life events. While I am not done processing I needed to take the time to just Relax, Release and Reboot. On February 25th my mom was called home to be with the Lord. While I am happy that she is no longer in pain, she is reunited with her husband, father, mother, and many other family and friend the have gone before I miss her here with us.

Be ReZilient is for moments like this, and I want to be vulnerable to share with you what I have been experiencing. Let me share how have been dealing with this loss, by allowing myself to start the steps of Relax, Release, Reboot.

  1. Hibernate. Relaxing looks different to everyone at this moment; for me, it was hibernation with some particular essential oils that help calm my spirit, a music soundtrack, and just being still. Hibernation is a luxury that I have at this time in my life. If this had happened when my children were younger, it would have been harder for me to take this time. So if you are going through the same thing you will have to decide what this will look like for you. What does this mean, you ask? I unapologetically disconnect from the world. When this happened, I could not help others as I usually do. I needed to focus on my emotions and gain a better perspective on the new norm. This step I will revisit in the upcoming months because grief is a process, but it is a key first step. Don’t be discouraged if you find that you need to do this more than once; sometimes, you have to go through a step more than once to continue the healing journey.
  2. Journal: I always journal, but this life event was important for me to detail the feelings. I have detailed conversations between my mom and me. I have gone through some of the memories good and bad, that my mother and I experienced together. Why is this important? I am naturally an introvert, and a situational extrovert, so for years, I have kept many emotions inside (note: the unhealthy mental wellness behavior that I work hard each day to correct.) Journaling has allowed me to release some emotions and start the healing process. Journaling for me does not always mean writing words; it can be doodles that have words infused into them, poetry, project ideas. The main purpose is to be a dumping area for my emotions, so I don’t keep them inside.
  3. Reboot: It is hard to reboot when you’re not done releasing. So allow me to be candid; I am beginning this grief journey; I am not done. I am blessed to know that this journey called grief is a road I will always travel, and the steps will not get easier; they will become part of my DNA that will allow me to grow from this experience, adjust my mindset and help me navigate through life.

Trust your process, whatever that may look like. Enjoy your journey and strive to live a ReZilient life!

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