A Moment of Transparency

As I started the process of creating Be ReZilient, I was brushing the surface of my life. I personally didn’t want people to judge me for my life experiences or doubt the facts because of the misconception that no one could go through so much and still be standing. Today as I attempt to help others with their journey, I am committed to continuing my own journey and not dismissing the details that will cause me a moment of discomfort. I will tell you now I will make a typo and grammatical errors; I may digress and circle back in another blog. If you can look past that and listen to my heart, I promise you I will encourage you and help you find strength through my experiences. I will share strategies that helped me and freely give you wisdom that others get me, but I didn’t accept till the moment the brick hit me on the head. (true story) Won’t you join me on this journey of living a ReZilient life? Till next time – Denise

One thought on “A Moment of Transparency

  1. I would love to travel this road with you. A strong and resilient warrior. Ready for the journey…embracing the victory!
    God bless!

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