Our Story

“The process to push social change and healing starts with releasing emotions hidden within your soul. The Be ReZilient culture can be the anchor to help you get to the next step and help you develop your blueprint to healing and restoration.”

-Denise Williams, MHS, MLA, CPLC, CTAC

The Story behind Be ReZilient is one of overcoming, survival and Resilience.

Throughout my professional career, I found satisfaction in helping others overcome challenges as they pursued their personal goals. This desire to help others fueled my interest in Human Services and Leadership and Accountability, motivating me to obtain master’s degrees in both concentrations.

Before I could even acknowledge the depth of my resilience within my own life’s journey, I had to take a deep look into myself. I had to gain an in-depth understanding of how the brain works, triggers, and strategies for open the door to healing; I would be selfish not to share this knowledge with others; hence, Be ReZilient was born.

Be ReZilient is spelled with a Z for one reason only; it truly depicts the word’s meaning. When spelled with an “S” artistically, it seems as if the roads in life are smooth, implying life is easy. However, we know that is not true. Life is hard, and there are many times that you hit a barrier a few times before you can move on to the next thing. The “Z” indeed shows the path one must take to become REZILIENT!

I hope the Be ReZilient experience is the anchor to helping you get to the next step in your journey and gives you the courage to continue to strive to live a ReZilient life!

Denise L. Williams, CPLC, CTAC
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Therapeutic Arts Coach
Masters in Human Services- Counseling
Masters in Leadership and Accountability