Be ReZilient Healing Through The Arts is a non-profit that strives to help eradicate the stigma surrounding trauma and mental health by providing creative arts wellness and aromatherapy infused programing.

Programing is designed to identify emotional triggers, bring self-awareness, and teach strategies that will foster a resilient mindset.

Be ReZilient official logo was created by local artist Nate English.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world full of adversity there needs to be safe places that allows people to reset, release and reboot their authentic self . We strive to teach coping strategies that will open communication, support the healing process and empower the next generation.

We strive to meet these goals by creating and facilitating art and aromatherapy-infused educational programs that will:

– Help release emotions

-Reduce stress


-Build resilience


What have clients said about the Be ReZilient Method?

“Thank you so much, I felt a little resistance to wanting to do this, 5 min into listening to you, I felt I am supposed to be here at this moment.”

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health participant

My main take away from the workshop was “centering self through mindfulness

Trellis for Tomorrow participant

“Coming to this workshop changed me more than I can imagine, I rebuilt my love for art and it taught me how to cope with paper and pen… I have grown in so many ways- thank you”

High School Student- 4 week workshop participant

Fuel your day with music for the soul….


Recent blogs


Less than a year ago, I received a box from a family member.  I was told it was a present from a loved one that passed away. To be completely transparent, I didn’t receive it with an open heart or a sense of gratitude.  Due to unresolved trauma, I received this box with hesitation nervousContinue reading “Forgiveness “

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