What is Be ReZilient?

Be ReZilient strives to be a self sustaining non-profit, that helps people move from trauma to healing through art. When you use our services or purchase our products a percentages of all proceeds are used to provide similar services to community partners that service at risk communities.

The story behind Be ReZilient is one of overcoming trauma, broken communication, grief, depression and providing strategies, encouragement and support for your unique journey of overcoming these things that were meant to break you.

Throughout Denise’s professional career, she found satisfaction in helping others overcome challenges as they pursued their personal goals. This desire to help others fueled her interest in Human Services and Leadership and Accountability, motivated her to obtain master’s degrees in both concentrations.

Before she could even acknowledge the depth of her resilience and truly appreciate everything she has overcome and continues to journey through, she had to take a deep look into herself and gain an in-depth understanding of how the brain works, emotional triggers, and most importantly research and find the most effective strategies that can help open the door to healing, hence, Be ReZilient was born.

Be ReZilient is spelled with a Z because this spelling truly depicts the word’s meaning. Life is hard, and unpredictable, there are many times that you hit a barrier more than once before you can overcome and move forward. The “Z” indeed shows the path one must take to BE REZILIENT!

We hope the Be ReZilient experience is the anchor to helping you get to the next step in your journey and gives you the courage to strive to live a ReZilient life!

Whether you are looking for a group activity, professional workshop, one one one coaching, creative arts wellness boxes Be ReZilient strives to be the resource that will create a lasting impact. Contact us today.


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